24 January 2015


The moment when I was trying to convince him there is NO treat in the grass because I didn't throw it at all.
Oh Aston ...

All photos were taken by Matic Eržen.

17 January 2015

Half devil half dog

half devil half dog Aston
Yes! First horn after 4 years of waiting finally appears. Now, I'm waiting for the other one.

Does your hovawarts already have horns or are you still waiting? Hehe ;)

05 January 2015

Ballerino Aston

edit 5.1.2014

I knew I saw this pose somewhere before ... do you know Diego from Ice Age? Here is a clip:

Hilarious! :D

03 January 2015

writing new chapter "2015"

Every man should be born again on the first day of January. Start with a fresh page.
- Henry Ward Beecher