02 February 2014

Ice Age part IV.

What is it like in Slovenia these days? 
Last 2 days have been terrible especially in southwest Slovenia where there are more than 22.000 households without electricity. Fortunately in our town it is not so critical...yet.
Situations on our roads (2.2.2014)
For now we have electricity but almost every hour we are without it for 5 minutes. I really can not complain because there are families without electricity for 2 days now.
Our morning walk was just 200m long however I got a chance to slip on ice twice. It's not dangerous just for me but also for Aston and his paws. Sidewalks are covered with ice and field roads (where we mostly go on our walks) also. So in the end, we can not go anywhere. It's still raining icy "grains" and situation is getting worse and worse.

Beautifully Dangerous
having a Postojna cave at home
Maybe it's our last post for today and next week. Hope you're safe and sound in warm home.


  1. Pr nas je isto :( ampak astonovi lepoti tut to vreme ne more nič :P <3

    1. Ah kjee, Aston ko je kritično še lepši rata :D